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Pooglet Pack! (Alpha)

Image of Pooglet Pack! (Alpha)


A sultry download of all existing releases by The Bedroom Philosopher. This includes previously unreleased bananas such as the infamous Hottest 100 megamix of 2006, the collection of JJJ tunes Living On The Edge...Of My Bed, z-sides and demos and impossible to find early releases as The Harmonica Lewinski's & Phonze!

Cack battlelog is garnished with a visual trove of hi-res promo photos and posters from across the artistic nebulous of the past coupla decades.

Purchase includes automatic life membership to Club Pooglet (beta) and 'lucky dip' posted to your mailing address.

Excellent much? High level stuff and things.
"Your interstate passport to smirking pleasure."

Full list of biz (doesn't include live material):

NOTE: File size approx. 5 gig. Delivery via Dropbox in .wav format.

P.P 2021: Take your time. Tell Mum. Offer will last.


"I was wandering around the internet not too long ago wondering how I was ever going to hear things the Bedroom Philosopher had done that aren’t on Youtube or here and there as individual downloadable tracks. Then I look and to my surprised eyes is Pooglet Pack Alpha. I don’t know what a pooglet is, but I was like, “This guy’s whole discography in one place for $35? Why would anyone say no to that?”

And it has so much in it! Things I didn’t even know existed. You go into the early stuff thinking it’s probably just there for interest. But no! All of it is surprisingly good with a distinctly Australian quirkiness. This way of making the ordinary exceptional by seeing it in an unusual way. Since you can download the tracks, you can pop your favs right into your phone and listen to them as you leave your house for the 6 reasons allowed without killing your phone’s wifi. It’s been a nice way to break up some of the lockdown madness of 2021.

The things that come in the mail are the cherry on top of the cake. So would I recommend Pooglet Pack Alpha? Is there a word more yes than yes? The only drawback I can think of is that it seems like such a small price to get so much quality content. The parody of Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain' almost seems worth it by itself."