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Brown & Orange (CD) SOLD OUT

Image of Brown & Orange (CD) SOLD OUT

$9.00 - On Sale

2009 album featuring lavish 16 page booklet, 62 odd minutes of genre-hopping oddities, Myspace references, 70's psych-folk, haunting cassette samples, small children's favourite Wow Wow's Song and the Get Up Mum themed 'The Happiest Boy.'


1 Strange Piece Of Music
2 Party In My Head
3 What Am I Supposed To Be Doing?
4 The Happiest Boy
5 I'm So Lonely
6 (Brown)
7 Jesus On Big Brother
8 For The Love I Have For You
9 Circus Bear
10 (Orange)
11 Swan Song
12 Deux Cygnes Noirs
13 Wow Wow's Song (La La La)
14 (Social Life In The Psychiatric Unit)

Sold Out